Parent Participation
At The Farmhouse School we believe that family plays an integral role in a child’s education. Parents can volunteer once, occasionally, or on a regular basis as their schedule allows. We appreciate the diversity this can add to our classroom, and invite parents to consider what they may be able to share with our students. This may include:
  •  Create and share a special art project
  • Facilitate a cooking or food experience
  • Engage children during a presentation showcasing special skills or hobbies
  • Share their knowledge and talents with staff and students
  • Spend time assisting in the classroom
  • Or anything else that may contribute to the student experience!
Facebook and Instagram
Although we share some of our classroom experiences here on our web site remember that we share even more on Facebook and on our Instagram site!
Wanted: Donations of Wonderful Stuff 
Reusing everyday items in the studio, creation station and writing desk is a great way to share with the children that objects/things can be reused and manipulated in many different ways.   They are usually very proud of their donations, so let them bring them directly to us so we can thank them for their contribution and ask them questions.
Some suggested items:
Wine corks
Metal and plastic bottle caps
Twist ties
Nuts, bolts, nails, and screws (even stripped screws)
Used CDs
Yarn and fabric remnants
Small pieces of wood
Small boxes
Envelopes (any kind, unused return mail envelopes are great)
Clear plastic deli containers
Leaves, flowers, herbs and pine cones from your home.