Classroom Experiences

The Afterlife of a Sunflower

We are firm believers in the theory of loose parts.

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The 5’s Explain Gravity

Sometimes an offhand remark leads to a spontaneous discussion that thrills a teacher. The ability to throw out a planned group time and go with the children’s interests is what makes teaching at The Farmhouse so fun and rewarding.  A discussion of gravity wasn’t in the lesson plan but it was in the children’s minds so the conversation began. We weren’t prepared to record their thoughts at first but we soon realized that the conversation was going to be rich. Continue reading “The 5’s Explain Gravity”

¿Qué Pasa?

The Spanish Corner at The FarmhouseSchool

Hello Parents,

I can’t believe it has been over a month since I started introducing Spanish to your children.  I love teaching this age group as they are so welcoming and open to new words, new sounds and new concepts.

We started getting the children familiarized with Spanish by explaining to them that there are many Spanish words in their vocabulary that they already know and use frequently.  They were so excited to find out that “piñata”, “chocolate”, “café”, “puma”, “cocoa” and “mango” are Spanish words.  They immediately felt so proud of themselves and said “I know Spanish!!”  This was a great start as they no longer thought of Spanish as a “foreign” language but one that they have already been using on a regular basis. Continue reading