Sofia’s Drawing

A 4-18-14 061 Sofia was working quietly on this drawing in the studio.  I was very curious to know what she was thinking about, but did not want to interrupt.  When it looked like she was finished, I asked, “What are you working on?”

“It’s the inside of my body.”

Now you can probably see the bones and blood vessels; the interpretation of organs and body systems in red, orange and yellow Sharpie.  It is such a big idea to think about.  What does the inside of my own body look like?  We can use the information we know about anatomy and the human body to imagine, but we can never really know what the inside of our own body looks like.

 I saved the drawing and brought it out later to talk with her more about it. Pointing to an area of curved yellow lines, she said, “This is my skeleton.”  Then pointing to another area, “This is Jack’s skeleton.”

Jack is Sofia’s twin brother.

Notice the way the elements of the drawing of the inside of Sofia’s body are all connected. She did not make a distinction between the end of her body and the beginning of Jack’s.

They have shared so many heartbeats and breaths, and nearly every moment of their lives.  Sofia illustrated this profound bond between twins so beautifully.

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